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Here you can investigate personal and academic projects which take the form of sound art compositions and installations primarily featuring field recordings which have been captured first-hand, manipulated and then assembled into a mirage of sounds.




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A Walk To The Shop


Just before 2020 lock down was put in place, I took a walk to do my weekly food shop and took my Zoom recorder along.




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SILENCE vs NOISE is an audiovisual performance exploring the relationship between my internal and external worlds. Audio and imagery were altered in real time to show this on-going exchange of information. Influenced by environmental aesthetics and deep listening, the piece reflects my questioning to find stillness and quiet amongst an ever changing and discordant environment.

**This is a screen recording of one performance**



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The City & Its Sounds


A Masters project exploring different microphones available for field recording and experimentation using DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphones as binaural pickups of cityscape. Experiment 306 was a tester for this project.

**This is a screen recording of one performance**



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Bath Spa University: Porthleven Prize


The Porthleven Prize offers 15 Bath Spa University students the rare opportunity to work collaboratively and produce work for a major exhibition. Students were selected to partake in a five-day residency to participate in workshops with leading academics. Seven of those students were then selected for a further fully-funded, twelve-day residency at the Porthleven Lifeboat Art Studio.

The prize winners were asked to respond to the theme "Provenance" - the place or source of origin. (1860–65; French, derivative of provenant, present participle of provenir; Latin prōvenīre to come forth; pro-, convene, -ant). Below is my individual response.

Echoes of Porthleven


What captured my interest was the unpredictable and inescapable nature of these sounds, which lead to a feeling of immersion in the moment. In focusing my attention on the soundscape, I became aware of other sensory experiences including physical vibration, light and movement. Echoes of Porthleven started with experimentation in replicating a selection of my field recordings using the physical movement of material through the air.


The filming of this performance formed the basis for the visual aspect of the piece, as well as being incorporated into the accompanying audio track. In post-production sections of the video were selected, reversed and slowed down to produce the abstract, fluid-like movements. The original sound recordings and the audio from the physical performance were combined to create a recognizable, but obscured coastal soundscape. The audio was then aligned to the visual movement to emphasize variations in speed, visual vibration and direction.



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Sound Speaks To The Sensorium

Final Piece Art Foundation Degree


This piece looked at audiovisual responses and how each individual medium responds to the other. Here the audio was constructed first and the visuals created in response to that through shifting painting on paper and then digital manipulation to visually emulate sonic vibrations.


- Freelance audio creative

- Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK

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