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Currently residing in West Yorkshire, Holly’s creative practice focuses on encouraging others to consciously participate in listening to sound. She explores this idea through recording ambient and natural or everyday sounds, which are then altered by audio effects to create an emotive and stimulative soundscape.


To create these immersive experiences, Holly constructs the soundscapes through a minimalist methodology of separating, identifying, and re-layering. Her attention to detail mind-set and meditative practice enables her to closely listen to a sound’s frequency and textural characteristics.


Starting with a passion for music including piano, cello and singing, Holly expanded her creative practice through BA Contemporary Arts and then onto MA Sound Design at Leeds Beckett University. It was here where she learnt more about how sound can dramatically change our perception of external (performance, movie or tv, and so on), and internal (headphones/solo listening) or both at the same time.


She is also an advocate to raise awareness of women working in the audio sector through attending events such as ones run by the Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN),and has written an academic paper on this subject as part of her MA.


In October 2019, Holly also took part in in Brighter Sounds: Both Sides Now, Film Music Residency based at Studio12 in Leeds. The week brought together a small group of female identifying and non-binary people to create scores with sound design to short films. These were then screened at the Leeds INDI's Film Festival. Within this opportunity she explored combining music knowledge with sound design techniques.


Now after completing her MA with distinction, Holly is looking to expand her experience focusing on sound editing, collaborative sound art as well as radio/podcasting.

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