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Light & Sound Installation


with artist Paul Liptrot

The installation was created for a group show, ‘Contemplations’,  as part of the Lady Bay Arts Festival 2018.

A collaboration with artist Paul Liptrot to create something immersive, engaging and beguiling that respected the space whilst creating the potential to connect, surprise and create reactions, spiritual or otherwise, with visitors in the space.


The resulting piece, ‘Empyrean’, situated on top of the pulpit in All Hallows’ Church, with entry point for visitors to sit within the space. Here vibrant petri-dishes where combined with three channels of ever-changing soundscapes in an environment designed to transport visitors from the everyday to a place of wonder and serenity. It subtly reacts to each persons unique personality, history and sense of self.


Mark Rodel, Vicar at All Hallows’ Church said of Empyrean:

"One of the most stunning works in this year’s church exhibition was the site-specific installation created by Paul and Holly. This collaborative work brings together a specially created ‘nook’ that incorporates the church’s pulpit , stunning circular coloured dishes and haunting selections from meditative music around the world. The shifting soundscape alters visual perception.


At one moment, I saw echoes of birds in flight, as if caught in one’s peripheral vision. At another accompanied by sounds of chanting from Asia, the forms in the dishes became human figures in exuberant dance. There was a lively energy to the experience and yet simultaneously, it was a calming space.


Paradoxically in such a small enclosure, the experience was transcendent; the subtly breaking symmetry of the arrangement of the circular glasses reminding me of the notion of spontaneous symmetry breaking so fundamental to some scientific explanations as to how there is something rather than nothing in this Universe."


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