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2020 - MA Sound Design:

            Sound, Music & Image

Video: Split (2016), Universal Pictures

Music (edited): Don’t Think About Elephants, Inception (2010), Hans Zimmer & It's Our Fight, Transformers 3: Dark Side Of The Moon (2011), Steve Jablonsky.

"Believability is essential to convincingly deliver stories and as an illusionary medium, film heavily relies on all of its’ components to do so. Therefore, unification across mediums is crucial as our brain looks for patterns and when something feels amiss it tries to “‘connect- the-dots’ to complete a coherent picture’ (Donnelly, 2014, pg. 22).


One element which aids unification of sound, image and narrative is music. To demonstrate the power this medium has within movie narratives, I chose to create an artefact consisting of edited pre- existing film scores to a short film clip.

2019 - Brighter Sounds, Both Sides Now: Film Music Residency

10 young women & non-binary artists took part, with guidance from award-winning composer Laura Rossi & sound designer Christella. Over 5 days the participants were challenged to create, record and mix their own short film scores for Studio12’s special Writing Britain films.

More information about the event and participants can be found here:

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