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Chapter Two - Field Recording

Thank-you for joining me for Chapter 2 of these audio diaries.

This week I discuss how field recording is more than just an a method for indexing unique sounds, capturing ones that in the days to come maybe lost, or as a means to use in creative outputs like compositions, audiovisual works and radio features.

Two quotes which summarise my passion for field recording comes from the book 'In The Field: The Art of Field Recording' edited and produced by Cathy Lane and Angus Caryle. In the introduction they describe this practice as one which "involves an acceptance of shifting circumstances of the world, the sudden, the gradual, the dynamic detail that duration reveals" (pg. 12). By listening with awareness, being present outside any referential frame, one witnesses the texture of the audible and allows it to deliver its own energies.

In the entry below I ponder on how practising of listening through field recording has influenced my time during lockdown and present a small gift to you at the end which I hope stimulates your ears through a rainbow of sonic textures.

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