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Sound Design Challenge
You'll find on this page my responses to a fortnightly sound design challenge curated by Eli Foster (@eli_s0und) and Hellwaddler (@hellwaddler). Prompts, responses and general group chat is held on the Sound Design Challenge Discord Channel. The clips are under 30 seconds and prompts are written to guide the creator.

Prompt - You're being held captive in an abandoned industrial building and all you can see is the lightbulb before you being turned on and off. In the distance, you can hear the switch being flicked by someone (or something), and the noise is
reverberating through the building. However, you cannot hear the other person. What you hear, though, is a creaky ventilation fan somewhere to your left, turning slowly. Suddenly, there's a loud bang.

Prompt - Today you're walking through an abandoned submarine rotting in a harbour somewhere. The sub is said to be haunted and after you've walked for some time you find that strange clock bolted to the wall. It's the only thing that still works here. Everything is normal except for the clock moving so fast - well, as normal as things can be in a haunted place. You start reading the inscription around the clock and as soon as the small hand hits 9, the clock starts to sound strange and far away. You get the feeling of being submerged, the effect increasing the more the small hand moves towards 12. Suddenly, the clock stops and you can a hear a bell tolling once in the distance and something breathing behind you.

2020 - MA Sound Design: Sound, Music & Image

Video: Serenity (2005), Universal Pictures

Sound: Various libraries & personal Foley/field recordings

 A challenging task looking at characterisation through symbolism and synchresis ("the spontaneous and irresistible weld produced between a particular auditory phenomenon and visual phenomenon when they occur at the same time" (Chion, M. 1994 - "Audio-vision").

Here the focus was distinguishing or characterising the three vehicles as well as personifying the on-going prey and predator chase. Choice of Serenity (2005) came from wanting to play with sci-fi sounds and effects. First time making something of this detail and pretty pleased with its completion, although a part of me is still wanting to work on it.

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