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There's More To It

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Yes there's definitely more to it!

And I'm not just talking about this blog (although I will explain how this has come about).

So here's a little more of my background and current life.

I am part-time MA Sound Design student at Leeds Beckett University, where I intend to expand my audio skills, try-out industry areas of sound (i.e. film, radio, tv etc.) and build upon my current portfolio. Hence this blog is a part of that but also an opportunity to share thoughts, interesting reads/videos/talks/works and my own creations.

My interest in sound began with playing the piano which then progressed to singing and the cello. These hobbies varried from evening practices, weekly lessons to group performances and a high standard, one-week summer orchestral residency (Derbyshire City & County Youth Orchestra). It was here that I learnt the importance of listening.

Our conductor Peter Stark would use a variety of exercises to open our ears. The tasks included rehersing a few bars without looking at the scores, solely following the lead violinist, and being left to play of our own accord without the conductor's guidance. This meant we not only had to be highly attentive but have a strong understanding of each individual part, its dynamics and placement amongst the other instruments.

Stark constantly emphasied that it would be our cohesive playing which would bring emotion/life to the music, not our co-ordination.

Therefore over the years I unknowningly built up skills of awareness, attentiveness to detail and patience, all of which listening requires.

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